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Special Education

Special Education District Support Staff


SMUHSD - Special Education Support Staff

District Office (650) 558-2260 /  Fax (650) 692-8032


Carolyn Schwartzbord, Director of Special Education (650) 558-2265 cschwartzbord@smuhsd.org
Greg Quigley, Assistant Director of Special Education, (650) 558-2266 gquigley@smuhsd.org
Janette Iniguez, Special Education Assistant (650) 558-2260 jiniguez@smuhsd.org
Katie Schwarz, Program Specialist (650) 558-2254 kschwarz@smuhsd.org
Kristina Ish, Program Specialist (650) 558-2268 kish@smuhsd.org
Nan Graham, Program Specialist (650 558-2285  ngraham@smuhsd.org
Teresa DeAnda, Account Analyst (650) 558-2292 tdeanda@smuhsd.org
Dianne Huliganga, Accountant (650) 558-2286 dhuliganga@smuhsd.org
Margaret Bradley, Vocational Specialist (650) 558-2267 mbradley@smuhsd.org
Eli Poblitz, Vocational Specialist (650) 558-2272 epoblitz@smuhsd.org
Julielle Damer, Vocational Specialist  (650) 558-2274  jdamer@smuhsd.org
Wendy Parker, Transition Specialist (650) 558-2270 wparker@smuhsd.org
Ofelia Angulo, Job Developer (650)558-2279 oangulo@smuhsd.org
Mary McGrath, Mental Health Manager (650) 558-2273 mmcgrath@smuhsd.org


(650) 558-2999 school- (650) 558-2952 fax
Mike Gibbons, Ed Specialist, Department Chair
Kirt Peterson, Ed Specialist, Department Chair 
Carl Pastore, Ed Specialist
Steven Labrum, Ed Specialist
Jessica Wong, Ed Specialist
Johanna Collom-Kelly, Ed Specialist
Brooke Jacks, Ed Specialist
 Jefferson Torres, Adaptive Physical Education jatorres@smuhsd.org 
Melissa Mark, Speech Therapist mmark@smuhsd.org (650) 558-2911
Jennifer Beasley, School Psychologist jbeasley@smuhsd.org (650) 558-2921

(650) 558-2899 school- (650) 558-2852 fax
Timothy Whitehorn, Ed Specialist,Department Chair 
Carol Nguyen, Ed Specialist, Department Chair 
Sharon Bleviss, Ed Specialist, Department Head 
Patrick Myers, Ed Specialist
Karen Breslin, Ed Specialist
Glen Fries, Ed Specialist
Jenna Smith, Ed Specialist
Margaret Balmana, Ed Specialist
Jared Abbott, Ed Specialist
Bryan Mark, Ed Specialist
Ivan Martinez, Ed Specialist
Olivia Krakower, Speech Therapist okrakower@smuhsd.org (650) 558-2851
Anette Blackman, Speech Therapist ablackman@smuhsd.org (650) 558-2851
Tara Ciardella, Adaptive Physical Education tciardella@smuhsd.org (650) 558-2864
Sharon Berber, School Psychologist sberber@smuhsd.org (650) 558-2515


(650) 558-2799 school- (650) 558-2752 fax
Vasilis Rousseas, Ed Specialist, Department Chair 
Jewel Walli, Ed Specialist, Department Chair 
Andrew Gorman, Ed Specialist
Julie Panda, Ed Specialist
Angela McCollum, Ed Specialist
Glorioso Oca, Ed Specialist
Tatiana Martinez, Ed Specialist
Julie Suess, Ed Specialist
Faith Cabie-Ramil, School Psychologist fcabieramil@smuhsd.org (650) 558-2732
Linda Wade, Speech Therapist lwade@smuhsd.org (650) 558-2709


(650) 558-2699 school- (650) 573-4173 fax
Antoinette Chavez, Ed Specialist, Department Chair 
Deborah Stuart, Ed Specialist,  Department Chair 
Tabitha Romano, Ed Specialist
Kristin Landucci, Ed Specialist
Michelle DeGregorio, Ed Specialist
Marcus Farhad, Ed Specialist
Julia Payne, Ed Specialist
Barbara Henderson, Ed Specialist
David Godoy, Ed Specialist
Paul Aguilar, Ed Specialist
Jason Miller. Ed Specialist
JoAnn Wherry, Ed Specialist
Joselyn Vidal Macchiavello, School Psychologist jvidalmacchiavello@smuhsd.org (650) 558-2640
Patricia Keener, Speech Therapist pkeener@smuhsd.org (650) 558-2648
 Jefferson Torres, Adaptive Physical Education jatorres@smuhsd.org 

(650) 558-2599 school- (650) 558-2552 fax
Kevin Goyer, Ed Specialist, Department Chair 
Nan Graham, Program Specialist, Department Chair 
David Batman, Ed Specialist
Yvette Gonzalez, Ed Specialist
Erik Anderson, Ed Specialist
Madeline Crisafi, Ed Specialist
Bonnie Scialanga, Ed Specialist
Joyce Lawrence, Ed Specialist
Kevin Murphy, Ed Specialist
JoAnn Wherry, Ed Specialist
Jennifer Giese, School Psychologist jgiese@smuhsd.org (650) 558-2515
Olivia Krakower, Speech Therapist okrakower@smuhsd.org (650) 558-2540
TBD, Adaptive Physical Education


(650) 558-2399 school- (650) 558-2352 fax
Molly Mdaka, Ed Specialist, Department Chair 
Heather Vasquez, Ed Specialist, Department Chair 
John Mulligan, Ed Specialist
Natalie Montoya, Ed Specialist
Cindy Ann Braganza, Ed Specialist
Brian Bold, Ed Specialist
Angelo DeJesus, Ed Specialist
Christi Hadley, School Psychologist chadley@smuhsd.org (650) 558-2321
Linda Wade, Speech Therapist lwade@smuhsd.org (650) 558-2365

(650) 558-2499 school- (650) 866-4120 fax
Carlee Rasmussen, Ed Specialist 


(650) 573-2652 school
Judy Camarota, Coordinator/Instructor jcamarota@smuhsd.org
"Project Search" is a transition to work program with students with disabilities.