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General Information

School District Administration


Dr. Kevin Skelly

(650) 558-2200


Administrative Assistant

Roberta Beeken

(650) 558-2201


Communications Manager

Sheri Costa

(650) 558-2202


District Print Shop

Reprographic Technician

Janice Sozzi jsozzi@smuhsd.org


The Latest News from Superintendent Dr. Kevin Skelly

Superintendent Skelly will be keeping you informed of the latest news, educational trends and happenings at the SMUHSD. He will be publishing his weekly reports to the Board, as well as newsletters and special messages to our students, families and community members. Please stay informed by reading any of the information below.

Weekly Reports to the Board

Messages from Superintendent Skelly

Kevin Preferred Head Shot.jpg
Dr. Kevin Skelly, Ph.D., began his career working for a program serving talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Washington D.C.  Skelly was also a high school Math and Spanish teacher.  In 1993, he began an 11 year stretch as principal at Saratoga High School in Santa Clara County. From 2004-2007, he was Associate Superintendent of the Poway Unified School District followed by seven years as the Superintendent of the Palo Alto Unified School District.

Dr. Skelly graduated from Harvard University with honors and a degree in Economics and completed his Ph.D. in Education Policy and Administration at the University of California, Berkeley. Skelly lives in San Mateo with his wife. They have four grown children.

Meet the Deputy Superintendents

Superintendent Skelly is supported by a team of senior leaders who support him and lead the district in the areas Human Resources, Curriculum and Assessment, Business Services, and Student Services. Meet Dr. Kirk Black, Liz McManus and KindyLee Mackamul who lead various departments of the SMUHSD with their years of expertise.


Click here to "meet" Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black, Deputy Superintendent Liz McManus and Associate Superintendent KindyLee Mackamul.