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Exploration of Employee Housing

Exploration of Employee Housing

HiRes Housing.jpgEvery day, residents read the headlines about the housing crunch in San Mateo County. Organizations of all sizes and industries are trying to recruit and retain the best employees, but with the rising cost of housing, that becomes a difficult task. Many people cannot afford the rents and mortgage payments in San Mateo County.


The District wants to continue to attract and retain the best staff, and housing is key to this goal. The SMUHSD is currently in the exploration stage of an idea to provide employee housing. There is much work to be done, but the staff felt it was important to start the conversation. Below, you will find resources that will help you learn more about this ongoing conversation.


SMUHSD Workforce Housing Community Meetings: Exploration of Employee Housing

In response to the Bay Area housing crisis, the SMUHSD staff is exploring the idea of providing workforce housing as a way to attract and retain the best teachers and staff possible to support our community’s teens. The SMUHSD staff is exploring the idea of building housing at the Mills High campus and using the sale proceeds of the Crestmoor site to finance that project. To obtain neighborhood feedback from both the Millbrae and San Bruno communities, the SMUHSD will be hosting two community meetings to discuss this idea. Details:

See the postcard invitations mailed to nearby residents of Peninsula High and Mills High. Crestmoor Neighbor Invitation and Mill High Neighbor Invitation. Questions? Email Sheri or call her at 650.558.2202.

Board Meeting Discussions

Please note that the housing discussion with the SMUHSD Board of Trustees which was originally scheduled for February 23, 2017 will take place at a later date. Email Sheri to be added to our eNews subscriber list. 


Outcome of October 20th Board of Trustee Meeting

At the October 20, 2016 SMUHSD Board of Trustee meeting, trustees approved that staff move forward in the exploration of workforce housing by performing the following tasks:

  • Commence community outreach with both the Crestmoor and Mills communities to obtain feedback on the implications of this project
  • Explore the filing of a waiver application with the State Board related to the disposition of the Crestmoor site
  • Prepare, for the Board’s approval, a draft resolution declaring the Crestmoor site surplus with terms for the dissolution
  • Evaluate additional financing options
  • Develop details regarding how the housing will be managed and the rental cost by unit type

The Board also approved augmenting the project budget by $25,000 to secure professional assistance in further evaluating this workforce housing project. Staff will report back to the Board at a February 2017 meeting. Details of community outreach efforts and the February 2017 board meeting will be shared with stakeholders.

The SMUHSD team wants to thank leaders from the soccer community and public officials who met with the team to discuss project implications and interests in advance, and who also attended the October 20th Board meeting to share their initial support, questions and requests regarding this project.

October 20, 2016 Presentation
Crestmoor Community Invitation to Oct 20 2016 Board Meeting


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