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Health Requirements


Medication prescribed by a physician/health care provider for a student may be administered during the school day by a registered nurse or other designated school personnel, or be self-administered by the student, only if authorized by the student’s physician/health care provider and parent. All authorizations for medication are required to clearly state the name and nature of the medication, the method of administration, the amount/dosage, the time of administration, and provide a release for the District Nurse or other designated personnel to consult with the student’s physician/health care provider regarding any questions that may arise with regard to the medication. 

Authorizations for students to self-medicate must also confirm that the student is able to self-medicate and release the School District and school personnel from civil liability if the self-administering student suffers an adverse reaction as a result of self-administering medication pursuant to this law. Medication authorizations are required at least annually and more frequently if the medication, dosage, frequency of medication, or reason for administration changes. (CCR, Title 5, § 605, Ed Code §§ 49423, 49423.1, 49423.5) 

The Authorization for Medication(s) to be Taken During School Hours form is available in the school Health Office, the District Information section of this handbook, and in the “Health” section of the District website (www.smuhsd.org) If your student requires medication during the school day, please return the completed form to the school Health Office by the first day of school.



Parents are to notify the school if their student is on a continuing medication regimen. This notification shall include the name of the medication being taken, the dosage, and the name of the supervising physician/health care provider. With parental consent, the District Nurse or other designated personnel may confer with the physician/health care provider regarding possible effects of the drug (including symptoms of adverse side effects, omission, overdose, or altered behavior) and counsel with school personnel as deemed appropriate.





The District shall exclude from school any pupil who has not been immunized properly. Please note that due to Senate Bill SB277, beginning January 1, 2016, exemptions based on personal beliefs will no longer be an option for the vaccines that are currently required for entry into child care or school in California.

Pursuant to Health Safety Code section 120325, a parent may consent in writing for a physician, surgeon, or registered nurse acting under the direction of a supervising physician and surgeon to administer an immunizing agent to a pupil at school. The District shall cooperate with local health authorities in the control of communicable disease and immunizations. (Ed. Code §§ 48216, 48980(a), 49403). Students will not be admitted to classes in the fall without an immunization record meeting state documentation requirements or an exemption document on file in the Health Office. Information regarding important immunizations available for adolescents, including Tdap (tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis), meningococcal, HPV, and others, are available in the Health Office or from the District Nurse upon request.


iStock_000010388934_Large.jpgPHYSICAL EXAMS AND SCREENINGS

District policy requires that all students registering in the San Mateo Union High School District shall present a Medical Examiner’s Statement, no later than the close of the first semester. The Medical Examiner’s Statement is available in the “Health” section of the District website (www.smuhsd.org ) and in the Health Office. If you wish to waive this requirement for your student, you must file a written request to the school principal. (District Policy Category 441.1.4)   The District is required to conduct certain physical examinations, including vision and hearing screening of students, unless the parent provides written objection annually. A student may be sent home when there is reason to believe that he/she is suffering from recognized contagious disease and allowed to return only when the District staff is satisfied that the student is not contagious or infectious. The District shall cooperate with local health authorities in the control of communicable disease. (Ed. Code §§ 49451, 49452, 49452.5, 49455 49403, Health Safety Code § 124085)