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California Health Kids Survey

Every two years, freshman and junior students will take the California Healthy Kids Survey. This survey, sponsored by the California Department of Education, is an important tool for the San Mateo Union High School District staff in that it helps us learn more about the views and needs of our students.


The survey gathers information on student behaviors such as physical activity and nutritional habits; alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use; school safety; environmental and individual strengths and assets; and gender- or sex-based harassment. There are no questions on the survey that relate to a student’s personal beliefs or practices in sex, morality, and religion. In addition, students, who participate, only have to answer the questions they want to answer. The survey is anonymous and confidential; no names will be recorded or attached to the survey forms or data.


The survey is developed by WestEd, a public, non-profit educational institution, and it’s being used throughout California schools to capture important information about our students. Students will complete the Core Module, the Physical Health and Nutrition Module and the Gender & Sex-Based Harassment Modules. You can see the 15/16 results to the right.


Core Module

The core module collects demographic data (age, sex, race/ethnicity) and covers key questions in four priority areas: resilience, alcohol and drug use, tobacco use, and violence and school safety.

Physical Health and Nutrition Module

This module provides detailed information on physical activity in and out of school, body image, and behaviors related to weight loss or maintenance, physical risks associated with sports and motor vehicles, and general health, including doctor visits.

Gender & Sex-Based Harassment Module

The Gender and Sex-Based Harassment Module addresses students’ perceptions of harassment experiences at school. It targets students who identify as, or are perceived to be, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, or gender nonconforming. Items include bullying frequency, negative attitudes and language expressed by peers and school staff, pro-bullying attitudes, peer and staff intervening behaviors, willingness to seek help, and availability of school-based prevention and intervention supports.

You may request that your student be excused from taking the survey if you notify the Assistant Principal at your student’s school in writing. If you have questions about this survey or about your rights, call the District’s Student Services Department at (650) 558-2206.